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About Us

Kinsmen Sound, based in New England, was built from the shared ambition of two audio professionals in 2020. With a drive for audio perfection, we formed the studio by bringing both of our years of experience together under one roof. While working with one of us, you get the ears and brain-power of both. We aren't just audio engineers, we are audio kinsmen who specialize in post-production mixing, sound design, Foley and music production. 


Kinsmen Sound Studio was born out of the friendship between two audio engineers/composers with similar core values. Organicism, ingenuity, drive and just plain-ol' good sound are at the foundation of each project. Our kinship was cemented while hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire: the Kinsman Mountains.



Brandon Keogan

It is my personal goal to approach each project with fresh ears while sticking to the main operating principles of organic sound, pure musicality, and strict organization. I graduated from the Hartt School with a Bachelor's in Music Composition. Deciding to continue my passion for sound, I then pursued graduate classes in Sound Design from Academy of Art University. I take pride in my ability to create original sound effects from layering and processing found sounds and cutting complex scenes.


Will Jones

Whether it is during a recording session or while composing music, I always strive for sonic perfection. Through my years freelancing I have worked with numerous artists, venues and studios all throughout New England, including Jason Mraz, Van William, the Historic River Music Hall, Wellspring Sound Studio and Connecticut Summerfest. Also a DIY equipment enthusiast, you can often find me tweaking microphones or preamps in my free time.

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