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Film Sound

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Mick Gorley, Director/Writer

Professional, fast, affordable, and excellent at keeping communication open through post-production! I will be returning to Kinsmen for any and all future projects. It's so refreshing to have found a sound studio I can ACTUALLY rely on!

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Jacob W., Producer

Kinsmen Sound has been a great and easy duo to work alongside. Their process was stream-lined due to their quick, helpful problem-solving approach, and ability to always answer questions our team had. They are knowledgeable in all areas of sound, and one of their best qualities is that they care about how the process will go when it is sent to post-production. From several prior meetings, to sound tests, to location scouting, Kinsmen Sound was always there with the best attitudes, making them a pleasure to work with. 
We highly recommend Kinsmen Sound for your next feature film!

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Azwan B., Director

Highly recommend Kinsmen Sound and in particular Brandon Keogan who was not only a star player and professional in the production of our short film "Farmer Ed" but a great spirit on set! The audio quality is immaculate and the dedication to detail was amazing. The work has elevated the film and will definitely be working with Kinsmen Sound Studio in the future!

Capturing dialogue for your film can be challenging; but that's where we excel. Before stepping on set, we're already in tune with your project's needs. We know that not all films can realistically afford ADR, so we get involved early in pre-production. This lets us help choose the best locations for sound and plan for high-quality on-set recording. Besides capturing dialogue, we also record extra lines, ambiences, and Foley cues on set to make post-production smoother.

Our expertise isn't just limited to production sound. We have a strong focus on post-production too, offering services in Sound Design, Foley, and Mixing. By being involved from pre-production through to post, we ensure a seamless sound experience for your film. We understand both the needs of production and post-production, making us a versatile partner for your project.

Whether you're just starting out or wrapping up, Kinsmen Sound is here to support your sound needs every step of the way.

Lavs Systems
- Lectrosonics SMDWB/
Sennheiser G4
Lav Mics
- DPA 6060/Sanken Cos-11D

Boom Mic
- Neumann KMR 81i
- Zoom F8N
- Denecke TS-C Timecode Slate
- Deity TC-1 Sync Boxes

*Additional gear can be rented to fit the exact needs of your project


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