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Post-Production Sound

Kinsmen Sound Studio prides itself on offering all services associated with audio post-production, including mixing, sound design, Foley, scoring, dialog editing, ambiances and ADR. You might not realize that when you watch a movie you are usually not hearing the audio recorded on set. From dialog to footsteps to the howling wind to even the hum in the room, it is almost always recorded and edited during post-production.

Sound Design
What is sound design? Think of Star Wars. These movies are full of laser blasters, explosions, creatures, ships and space-sabers and they all make specific sounds. Now try to imagine these movies without any of those sound effects.  You can't? We can't either!
Kinsmen Sound provides a natural sound experience, where monsters, machines, explosions, stillness, and even ideas are represented in an engaging way! 


Often overlooked, Foley is what centers the audience directly in your world. Paper crinkling, crunching snow, bristling ferns, metal jingle-jangle are all sounds of Foley. We use these sounds to direct the audience's attention and firmly ground them in your reality. 
ADR/Dialog Editing
Clear dialog is among the most important factors that drive the plot of your film. 
We will scour your production audio and find the best takes, saving you money! If the production audio doesn't quite cut it, then we can bring your actors/actresses in to ADR the lines!
Putting it all together! We will mix your production to any broadcast standard you like while bringing clarity and depth to the overall sound. 
Whether it be a small ensemble or full orchestra, let us guide your audience with provocative, rich, and emotive original music. We will create a score that fits your films needs, picking the right instrumentation and style to underscore the scene.
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