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Mako is a specialized content marketing solution tailored for podcasts, with a strategic focus on catering to thought leaders and industry experts.We're not just about crafting exceptional podcasts; we're dedicated to fueling their growth and outreach. With our specialized digital marketing services, production management, and industry-leading sound quality we're here to engage your audience, boost brand awareness, and drive revenue.


When you choose Mako, you're also making a positive impact. We're proud to commit 5% of each sale to nonprofit organizations, helping make the world a better place, one episode at a time.



Starting at $6500 for 4 episodes

Starting at $6500

Starting at $6500

• Four finished audio/video podcast episodes  •  Custom marketing materials

• Branded graphics  •  Custom music  •  Project Manager  •  Tech support

The Jumpstart package is designed for thought leaders embarking on the journey of launching a new podcast. This comprehensive plan lays a solid foundation, ensuring a strong start and setting the stage for potential growth and seamless integration with our more advanced plans. 

Get off the ground with ready-to-release audio and video podcast episodes. We'll help you refine your podcast idea, guide you through recording sessions, manage the production pipeline, and ensure that your message reaches your audience.


Starting at $2700 for 2 episodes monthly

• Monthly pricing  •  Audio/video podcast editing  •  Custom Marketing Materials    Branded graphics  •  Project Manager  •  Tech support

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Starting at $2700 

Increase audience engagement and take the stress out of managing your podcast. We'll handle the whole thing for you. From scheduling guests to releasing episodes, writing show notes and planning the perfect social media post we'll make sure your audience is hooked. 


The Endurance package is your partner in achieving lasting success in the competitive podcasting landscape. This plan is designed to provide comprehensive support for lasting excellence in the dynamic world of podcasting. 


Starting at

  • $450 per video episode

  •  $250 per audio episode

• 3-day turnaround  •  Audio/video podcast editing  •  Tech support

The Essentials package is tailored for individuals looking to initiate or continue their podcasting journey with our most basic services. You take care of the production pipeline, we make sure you look and sound good every time.


If you cant find a package that suits your specific needs, Let us know your goals and we’ll craft a plan specifically for you!

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Brandon Keogan

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Production Management / 

Sound Design


Will Jones

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Editing /


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Team Hugging

Let's make a difference

At Mako, we are dedicated to making a difference on a global scale. For every sale we make, 5% of the proceeds are shared equally among three impactful organizations: Team Rubicon, Environmental Defense Fund, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Join us in our mission to create a better world for all.

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