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Music Production

Kinsmen Sound Studio was built not only by two engineers but two musicians. We write, record and perform music all the time. Because of this we are specially equipped to offer a full host of music production services: recording, mixing, production, and mastering.

Do you have a song that you just need to get recorded? We have a full set of recording equipment that can handle up to 32 tracks at a time. We can record anyone, from solo artists to small groups, to even full bands and orchestras.


Now that you have your song tracked, we'll put the pieces together and mix it using our Pro Tools rigs. Even if you didn't record with us, we'll mix your music and get it exactly how you want.
Do you have a killer track that is somehow missing something? We can help you produce extra tracks, SFXs, or even replace existing instruments. We have all different kinds of software instruments, from real piano sounds, to synthesis based instruments, to analog drum machines, to even SFXs. Ask us, we can do it!
It's the cherry on the top! That last little bit of polish before the track goes out to your fans. A lot of great engineers don't know how to master in the current digital world, but we do. We know what it takes to make your music stand out on streaming services, and sound great on a CD.
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