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What We can Do for you

That festival circuit? You crushed it!
The audience? You wowed them!
Your next big project? Its in the headlights and you're aiming big!

You're leveling up your production value. It's time you have sound that matches that! That's where we step in. Kinsmen Sound is here to work hand-in-hand, to truly shape your mix so the world hears your film the way you dreamt it.

Let us take your sound to that next peak!

We are a close-knit team with two goals, making art and taking home awards. Whether it be sound design, dialog, composition, or the final mix, level up and go with us!




Get the right original music for your TV, ad, YouTube, film and podcast project.



Add realism to your project with footsteps, cloth sounds, and more. 



We will record, edit and deliver custom sound effects to meet your timeline.



Receive crystal clear dialogue for your film or ad.



We will design, edit, and place sound effects into your film, TV show or YouTube video.



Let us bring your project to the next-level with our mixing services.



Let us broadcast a custom livestream of your concert or event. Now offering wireless mixing that observes social distancing!


Podcast Editing

Let us help you produce a clean, professional podcast that reflects your brand. 


Sujay Utkarsh, Director

You guys are amazing. Brandon was really professional on set and helped work out how to adjust sound for really long shots. In addition, their post production work is great and they're really flexible.

Azwan B, Director

I had the absolute pleasure to work with Brandon & Will of Kinsmen Sound on my horror/comedy short film FARMER ED. From the get go they were professional, highly skilled, fun and creative, all the things you look for in a sound team. Brandon did an amazing job on set capturing dialogue as well as ambient sounds and live action sounds for later use in post. 

This was a unique project in that it required a heavy amount of creative ingenuity (it's a surreal film to say the least). During post both Brandon and Will exceeded my expectations by creating dazzling sound design/foley/transitions/unearthly soundscapes (you name it!) with technical expertise as well as collaborating on coming up with ways to best service the story. True pros. 

Kinsmen Sound elevated Farmer Ed in every way and would not have been the same without them (it'd be much worse!) I will absolutely have them in mind for future projects. 

Nick Burns, Director

Every step of the way they were clear, communicative, and flexible to the needs of the actors, camera, and locations. It always felt like they truly cared about the story I was telling in the film and gave the project close personal attention. 

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