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Podcast Editing

Kinsmen Sound Studio has for many years worked with podcasters to produce and polish their podcast episodes. We are able to cleanly edit sentence flow and remove noises in such a way that listeners are unaware of the edits.  Some of our past clients include: The Portrait System Podcast, Venveo Smarter Building Materials Podcast and The Behind Your Back Podcast. Contact us to see how Kinsmen Sound can bring your podcast to the next level.

-Place intro and outro
-Edit ums, ahs, and awkward pauses
-Background noise removal
-EQ, Mix and Master
-Three to four-day turn around


-Place intro and outro
-Fix up to six spots
-Background noise removal
-EQ, Mix and Master
-Four to five-day turn around
-Place intro and outro
-Fix up to three spots
-EQ, Mix and Master
-Three-day turn around
- Custom intro and outro
- Show Notes
- Two-day turn around
- Sound design
- "Help! I need an audio wizard!"
Add Ons
Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
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